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---- What's PICNIC?

PICES Carbon Dioxide Data in North Pacific (PICNIC) was planned to integrate the CO2 data which is held by PICES 6 countries: Canada, China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russia, and US.

Among plenty of oceanographic data, PICNIC collects the cruises which includes at least one CO2 variables; dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), CO2 fugacity (CO2), pH, and total alkalinity (TAlk). Furthermore, these cruise data also contain other CO2 related parameters: dissolved oxygen, nutrients, C-13, C-14, CFCs, SF6 and so far. These data would be available to understand the behavior of oceanic carbon cycle in the North Pacific.

Most of data which are listed in PICNIC inventory have been observed in North Pacific, but some cruises extend to South Pacific and Southern Ocean.

We all PICNIC members welcome your cooperation and contribution to the PICNIC activities and our data inventory. If you are interested in our activities, please contact us (mail addresses are shown in "PICNIC working group").

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